OpenWRT + EP06-E

Hi Everyone,

I have an EP06-E LTE-A module paired with OpenWRT (R00ter to be specific). Whenever doing reboots, it was noticeable that the module won't accept AT commands unless this process "uqmi -s -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --wda-get-data-format" is manually terminated then everything will proceed fine.

Done a couple of re-installation but still no luck. Is there any workaround with this?

Not sure why is this happening. Hoping someone could put light on this issue.

Better to ask in ROOter forum.


Tried as well to a vanilla OpenWRT and issue persist. This seems to be a timing issue. I have to kill all "uqmi" processes before the next commands in the script to execute.

sleep 3
killall uqmi

script locations:

Vanilla OpenWRT --> //
R00ter OpenWRT --> /usr/lib/rooter/qmi/

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 2.51.15 PM

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