OpenWRT "Ecosystem"

OK - I looked around and could not find an answer to my question - if I missed it, I apoligize for the redundancy.
I live on a farm and have a variety of devices all around to support my network. Primarily, I use Ubiquiti USG for a firewall and 5 Ubiquiti APs around the place (in different buildings). I have an older Ubiquiti 2.4 outdoor AP that doesn't support "Unifi" and even a Mikrotik P2P bridge. I have two D-Link DGS switches and a Netgear router or two running DD-WRT. I control 'most' of the network with the Ubiquiti Cloudkey using Unifi but then discovered that OpenWRT supports ALL devices I am currently using. Which got me thinking.....
Like the Unifi "Ecosystem", is it possible to have singular point of control using OpenWRT where I could setup SSID's and 'push' them to devices, create VLANS, and even monitor statistics, usages through a singular point (not logging into each device)? Any guideance would be hugely helpful!


Something along the lines of this?

YES, YES! that is it!. I am going to do this. I'll have to flash everything (make my family go crazy for a while) but this is awesome!

It's not the only one out there, but it was the first result I found when searching for "openwrt central management".

There are other options out there as well.

I was searching for 'ecosystem' and 'controller' - Ubiquiti corrupted my terminology : )

It does, at that.

I, too, "enjoy" the linguistic games I have to employ with my own UniFi APs and controller.

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The other popular one would be OpenWISP, but it's quite a challenge to set up (I've read, I never tried it myself)

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Hello everyone,

Nice to see some excitement about RADIUSdesk :slight_smile:

The original post is now a couple of years old already and since then many changes happened to the project.

The project is again fully Open Source and we got funding from NLnet ( which allows us to add a huge load of new features.

A recent addition is the firewall profiles which makes use of the powerful nftables

Soon to be available will be the ability to manage everything even from your phone.

This looks great! I am already provisioning a mini-pc with Ubuntu 22.4 in preparation for installation. And I definitely look forward to phone app support!

For those interested, there's an OpenWISP demo system available here:


Just under two months :slight_smile:

RADIUSdesk Mobile app finally complete:

No need to take your laptop out to manage the access points :partying_face: