OpenWRT downloads pages

I noticed that there are two download pages that are a bit out of sync. Not sure if there is a specific reason behind this or just an oversight.

  1. -- a traditional HTML page with links to the older builds and snapshots
  2. which has the latest (17.01.x through

The main page links to the second (latest) page directly, but if I'm looking for a download, I tend to just go directly to the root of the downloads subdomain. While it is possible to get to the latest releases from the first link (click through to 17.01.4, then back up to releases), it is not intuitive to do that and I would think that the first page should have the new release links added.

Should these be reconciled?

I do not see any major reconciliation need.

18.06 has not been released, as it is still in release candidate phase, so the first page does contain the current newest release 17.01.4. (plus the old ones)

Of all the links on the second page, 17.01.4 is the only 17.01.x release that should be used, and 18.06.0-rc1 can be used for testing. (and packages are usually downloaded with opkg)

The first page might mention 18.06 rc, but I think that usually only the final releases have been there.

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