OpenWrt domain banned in my country

openwrt address url banned in some country, and i cant install packages
there is any address different than openwrt?
or if possible i download packages and upload manually, how?


Does any of the mirrors work for you?

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How did OP get here then?

Rule of thumb for future, maybe PM the mirrors (so you might use the moderator "magic" you have before offering the mirrors).

(To suppress searching - unless that's not a reason for their existence here - then my bad.)


LOL, you are so right!

Country HTTP HTTPS FTP RSYNC Sponsor Notes
Austria - rsync:// Kumi Systems e.U.
Brazil - rsync:// Universidade Federal do Paraná
Canada - - The Free Mirror Project
China - - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Linux User Group
China - - Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
France - rsync://
France - rsync://
Kazakhstan - rsync://
Kazakhstan/Almaty FTP -
Netherlands FTP rsync://
Romania - FTP rsync://
Singapore FTP rsync:// Andrew Yong

What country with the know how and interest to block this domain are we talking about since not even China seems to block this domain?

It is also possible to build the firmware with GitHub if the OpenWrt domain is blocked.

Or use a commercial vpn to get out of country and download it anyway.


Most likely it's just collateral damage. The same type of collateral damage because of which VLC is not downloadable from the official site in India. And yes, the correct answer is "mirrors". You may want to watch my FOSDEM 2020 talk about this:


using vpn :slight_smile:

it limited at iran

where exactly i should paste mirrors? as i searched and didn't found anything, can anyone please tell me exactly where i should paste mirrors? and exactly which address should posted?


If you can reach other sites via the VPN and they say that your IP is in the VPN country not your country, you've successfully bypassed the national firewall and OpenWrt should be accessible as well.

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this is correct i put mirrors? if its not correct, please let me know how i should set.

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I'd recommend replacing the in the /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf section/file with the if that site works for you.

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(tmomas understood the point - if OP arrived here, they might need the info posted here)