OpenWrt + Docker: Failed to find the folder holding the modules when running init

I'm trying to run a docker container with an OpenWRT image.
I've followed some guides, including OpenWRT's own guide:

I'm using a docker image from nmaas87/rpi-openwrt on a raspberry pi zero w. Spinning up the container on itself works, but not running /sbin/init.

The error message I'm getting is "Failed to find the folder holding the modules".
Looking at the source code I'm seeing that kmodloader cannot find the correct folder, but I'm not sure how this works and what's wrong.

It expects to find a directory /lib/modules/$(uname -r) - maybe try to create that in the container.

Thanks, that helped with the error message.

But now it crashes the host after 15 seconds without any output.

What would be the best way to debug this?

The docker container is crashing the host system?

Yes, a hard reboot of the pi without any error messaging