OpenWrt devices & 5V relays

Hi all. i am running Openwrt in Alix 2d13 as my main router and i would like to ask if there is a way to hook up 5V relays to control(on/off) external devices

That's not really an openwrt question, but a question for the manufacturer,
unless you use an interface like USB, or the serial port.

The question you should ask is which controllers openwrt (or linux) support....

Assuming there's support, I can't see why.

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Why not?

# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio 
gpiochip0: GPIOs 0-31, cs5535-gpio:
 gpio-0   (GPIO0               )
 gpio-1   (GPIO1               )
 gpio-2   (GPIO2               )
 gpio-3   (GPIO3               )
 gpio-4   (GPIO4               )
 gpio-5   (GPIO5               )
 gpio-6   (GPIO6               |alix:1              ) out lo    
 gpio-7   (GPIO7               )
 gpio-8   (GPIO8               )
 gpio-9   (GPIO9               )
 gpio-10  (GPIO10              )
 gpio-11  (GPIO11              )
 gpio-12  (GPIO12              )
 gpio-13  (GPIO13              )
 gpio-14  (GPIO14              )
 gpio-15  (GPIO15              )
 gpio-16  (GPIO16              )
 gpio-17  (GPIO17              )
 gpio-18  (GPIO18              )
 gpio-19  (GPIO19              )
 gpio-20  (GPIO20              )
 gpio-21  (GPIO21              )
 gpio-22  (GPIO22              )
 gpio-24  (GPIO24              )
 gpio-25  (GPIO25              |alix:2              ) out hi    
 gpio-26  (GPIO26              )
 gpio-27  (GPIO27              |alix:3              ) out hi    
 gpio-28  (GPIO28              )

I'm not sure how they're exposed on the board.

As an alternative you could utilize the existing (?) I²C port and add something like MCP23017 16-Bit I2C I/O Expander

If that was meant for me, I assumed OP had done his homework,
and already checked what was possible with the board he had.

Could have been wrong though :wink:

Yes you can use USB relays with the package crelay
See more info in the wiki

It's simpler and safer than trying to find out where the GPIO pins are in your board.

It's recommended to use auxiliary power supply if you are controlling a board with more than 2 relays as USB power will not be enough.

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