OpenWrt device shown on shared folder on Mac

Hello, I saw the "Shared" folder on my Mac finder and when I opened it I saw a device there called openwrt, what is it? Should I worry about it?

maybe. Did you install Openwrt on some of your devices?
That usually appears if you installed packages to share folders or media in a OpenWrt device

by "devices" you mean my router? I am not sure, my internet router is a Technicholor brand a

I mean anything you can install OpenWrt on. Did you install OpenWrt on something?

I didn't, just to make things clearer I see this device on the Network folder on my Mac's finder, it is not shared

What you see means that in your home network there is a device with OpenWrt installed on it, and this device has some sharing features enabled. That's why the Mac shows it in the Network folder.

OpenWrt is a firmware for network devices so like a router or a NAS or a Raspberry Pi, do you have other people in your home that own such devices? Try asking them about this


I don't, the only device we have is a Technicolor router

well, if the Mac sees something then there is something on your network.

I don't think your router suddenly installed OpenWrt on its own, and I personally don't think it's the device we are looking for.
But try connecting to its web interface (check the manual)
If it looks like this then it's running OpenWrt. If it looks different then it is still running its own firmware.

After that you can do a scan of your network to see what devices are there and what is their IP address (you can use the IP address to connect to the web interface, if it is a OpenWrt device)

You can use an app from the store to do that, or you can use the Mac Terminal

then you write each IP address you find in the URL bar in Safari/Firefox/Chrome to see if you can connect to the device and it has a web interface like I showed you above