Openwrt-Device Instead of an USB Wifi adapter

I am planning a new DVB / Enigma box and my 1st thought was to use something like a TP-Link Archer T9UH plugged into the dvb box, but then I read of some problems and I think it is a better idea to connect the dvb box via ethernet-cable from an Openwrt access point, maybe something like a GL.iNet GL-MT1300 which should be supported according to It says v1, so is a newer version sold now like v2 or higher? The device could be larger than the GL.Inet, but should not be very large.

So the primary task of the new openwrt device is to connect via Wifi to an Archer C7, which is a wireless bridge client of an wireless bridge master (Netgear R7800). There is no chance to connect an ethernet cable to the dvb box directly. C7 and R7800 user Atheros chipsets for the wireless bridge.

It would be nice if the new openwrt device could work as a wireless bridge router too, but not necessary. In case there are are more to choose, this would be a criteria.

I can use 2.4GHz only, 5GHz is very unstable.

If your box works with this, it may actually be the more straightforward approach. I'd recommend trying it, and return it if it doesn't work well.

Using OpenWrt to create a wifi > ethernet adapter isn't particularly easy unless you don't care about double NAT. Otherwise, you'll be looking at something like relayd to get this work, and this is kind of a hacky way to do this.

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Unfortunately I read that the Archer T9UH has some problems, it could work for my needs, since it are 5GhZ problems, but I have to buy the adapter and test it myself. So why not pay a little bit more, which is confirmed that it works.

The GL.iNet GL-MT1300 has a firmware which is something like a modified openwrt and the configuration should be easy. It is designed as travel router. The last GL.iNet I bought had a very very outdated firmware. So I thought I can get an uptodate firmware flashing openwrt.

But you say configuration is not easy, what I want. Any wireless bridged router would fulfill my needs too, but I think this is overkill.

There may be other more reliable USB wifi adapters for this purpose.

This depends... if you are doing this on official OpenWrt, it is possible but a bit more complex.... depending on your connectivity requirements. Is this for general internet connectivity, or do your LAN devices need to be able to connect to the box?

If you use the GL-inet firmware, it may have a feature to make this easier. It is indeed a modified version of OpenWrt. But if your plan is to use their firmware, you should ask on their support pages or forums for help. This one is focused on official Openwrt.

Again, this depends on your requirements. A router is by definition not bridged. If you need a bridge, this is a bit more complex to achieve. If you are okay with a routed connection, it is pretty trivial (and not 'overkill') to set this up.

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I am searching for it, probably trial and error. To avoid this, I started this thread.

Hard to answer for me, with my other dvb-boxes using the wireless bridged router Archer C7 and openwrt I can do anything I want. Most times I am getting streams from the internet or a local device. I think there is no need for a connection to other dvb-boxes. Maybe I would like to connect via ssh from a pc to this new dvb-box. No idea, if this is a must in some rare cases, normally there is no need for it.

I fear I have to use another firmware, because the manufacturers firmware has security issues because it so old. That is why I am clarifying this before I buy.

Of course, I have to know what I want, but I am unsure. Is the routed connection comparable with the possibilities I have with a wifi adapter. The setup of my bridged Archer C7 was not so easy. I still have problems to connect between all devices, but all works what I really need, with most devices it works.

I think I will give a wifi-adapter a try first, maybe something like a TL-WR802N too and decide then, if I would like to try a gl-inet with openwrt.

I can understand that. But in truth, setting up a wired > wireless bridge is not the most trivial thing.

If you are using streams from a local device, it depends on how the connection works... if the dvb box initiates the connection (such as from the dvb to a NAS), a routed setup would be fine and mostly transparent. But if you push/cast from a device > the dvb box, a routed setup would make this much more difficult to do.

This would also be harder to do in a routed setup, but does depend on the specifics.

Well, this is often true for firmware that is supplied by the vendor, but if it is on your local network (and not directly exposed to the internet), that does generally reduce (but not eliminate) the risk. In some cases, though, the vendors have done a nice job implementing certain features... and some of those features (like relayd) can obviously be achieved in OpenWrt, but are a bit more work and don't necessarily provide a seamless experience.

No, the usb wifi adapter (if working properly) will be totally transparent. A routed/relayd type setup will not be nearly as easy to work with.

so you should expect something similar if you go with the GL-inet device.

This is a travel router, not a wifi brigde device. I don't think it will take a wifi upstream connection and provide an ethernet downstream option.

There are wifi-ethernet bridge devices which are purpose built for this application. You might consider buying one of those.

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The enigma-people recommended me to use a bridge. Looks like I can decide where I want to fight with problems.

GL-inet is not the 1st choice anymore, but I searched the openwrt hardware table for "range extender".

I don't know if I set the filter for Atheros in the right column, but the result is nearly the same in other columns

Netgear EX6150 would be my choice, EX7300 is maybe too expensive is my master

Bridge Client:

looks like easy to flash from the browser.

Do you think Netgear 7800 and 6150v2 should fit together from the chipset? What I found out, that v1 has another chipset and if I order I have no idea what I will get.

hi, i have same situation, enigma2 box and glinet ar300 ext. the way to do that is trelay.
trick is to set the ethernet macaddress of the dreambox to the openwrt device on client interface.

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