OpenWrt detect new device and send text message (Mail)

Good evening guys, I have a Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition with OpenWrt 22.03.2 i'll found a script at to be notified via email when a new device connects to my network. I read that it doesn't work in version something like that valid? Do you have a better suggestion? ill try it and didnt work for me.....also ill make openwrt dhcp client because connects to isp router.......when i connect from wifi device to Openwrt it is delay to take internet ...

There's also a workaround in the last post?

what do you mean

and it works?

Worth a try ?!

not working

Use a hotplug script as described in this topic.

only this

You can create a hotplug script (in /etc/hotplug.d/dhcp)

[ "$ACTION" == "add" ] || exit 0


if ! /bin/grep -iq "$MACADDR" "$known_mac_addr"; then
        msg="IP $IPADDR assigned to a new device with MAC addr $MACADDR"
        echo -e "From: \nTo:$notification_email \nSubject:DHCP\n\n$msg" | msmtp "$notification_email"
exit 0

or everything i mean and this

Are you wanting to actually receive an SMTP email sent via the internet to your personal inbox, or just a local sendmail message notification?

Good morning from Greece my friend, SMTP mail from internet.

If you don't have your own mail server that you can use as a smart host, see the configuration example of how to set up gmail. You will need to generate an App Password.

Make sure you get an email when you run:

echo -e "Subject: Test mail\n\nThis is a test \"message\"." | msmtp

Dump the current known devices to a file

cat /tmp/dhcp.leases | awk '{ print $2" "$3" "$4 }' >/etc/known_macs

The script below should do the job. Don't forget to set the correct mail address.

For testing purposes you could delete /etc/known_macs, comment line 1 and uncomment line 2.

cat << "EOF" > /etc/hotplug.d/dhcp/90-newdev
[ "$ACTION" == "add" ] || exit 0
# [ "$ACTION" == "add" -o "$ACTION" == "update" ] || exit 0


if ! /bin/grep -iq "$MACADDR" "$known_macs"; then
        msg="New device detected:\n\nMAC: $MACADDR\nIP: $IPADDR\nHostname: $HOSTNAME"
	    echo "$MACADDR $IPADDR $HOSTNAME" >> /etc/known_macs
        echo -e "To:$email_addr \nSubject:New device\n\n$msg" | msmtp "$email_addr"
exit 0

To add to @pavelgl ’s post (a novel approach :smiley:). This should get you up with adding gmail 2 Step Verification and modifying your msmtprc config.
[Solved]Mailsend (cant send a mail) Invalid login or password - #7 by RuralRoots

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put the script in ```
/etc/hotplug.d/dhcp/ with the name 90-newdev......install msmtp and check it...send email.......everything looks i check if the script works?......note receive any mail from script

The idea is to receive emails only when a new device is detected on the network.
So connect a new device to your network, change the MAC address of an existing device or


rm /etc/known_macs
# [ "$ACTION" == "add" ] || exit 0
[ "$ACTION" == "add" -o "$ACTION" == "update" ] || exit 0

and you will receive emails until each device on your network updates its dhcp lease and it is written to /etc/known_macs.

i dont have file in /etc/known_macsto delete is the problem........maybe openwrt is dhcp client?

Obviously you didn't do that

Just edit the script

and disconnect/connect some device.

root@Chrisrer:~# cat /tmp/dhcp.leases | awk '{ print $2" "$3" "$4 }' >/etc/known
cat: can't open '/tmp/dhcp.leases': No such file or directory

i was make the changes.........maybe the problem is something else connecteting device but not give access to internet

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