Openwrt coovachilli chiilispot setup with freeradius server

I have been trying to setup openwrt coovachilli chillispot setup with freeradius,for a requirement to control bandwidth per interface on my multicard AP setup.

  • Implemented changes to build dependency packages for setting up coovachilli.
    1.- Facing issue with mysql build
    Enabled mysql-server : make menuconfig
    -Utilities > database> mysql-server.................... MySQL Server
    ver -name 'CVS' -o -name '.svn' -o -name '.#' -o -name '~'| xargs -r rm -rf
    Package mysql-server is missing dependencies for the following libraries:
  1. Needed support to setup coovachilli chillispot capitive portal with freeradius on openwrt.

Thanks in advance.

  1. mysql not required for coova-chilli. But in case you also run freeradius on the openwrt box, then you need mysql. You might select libncurses explicitly. And file a bug report.
  2. It is almost "black magic", to configure coova-chilli correctly. I suggest, you first try to succeed on a full LINUX, as a prototype. Then it will be easier to configure on openwrt.
    I always do it directly on commercial implementations, without LuCi. You can copy /etc/chilli from LINUX to openwt, to make it simple.
    Same valid for freeradius, most likely.

Hi @reinerotto

  • Thanks for your valuable information.,
  • Please provide chillispot and free-radius configuration setup files,if available.
  • I have been trying with available sources,failing to configure full setup.