Openwrt connects to ZTE Velocity but no Internet?

Hi, I'm trying to use my AT&T Mobile data plan with my router. It connects just fine but when I try to ping the openwrt website it fails. Anyone have any ideas. The mobile hotspot is a ZTE Velocity with no ethernet ports :frowning: and the router is a Netgear WNDR3800.

  • What's the subnet addressing on the hotspot LAN?
  • Does it match the subnet on LAN?
    • If so, renumber one of them.

Change right? What do I need to change it to?

No don't change it (no clue why you suggested it). And I didn't ask about masks. I asked how both networks are numbered. If you are unclear on what that means, I'm not sure how we can assist you.

Nonetheless, if both networks on either side of the OpenWrt's LAN/WAN interfaces are addressed identically, that would cause an issue where traffic will not route, as it believes both sides of the connection to be local. This is what I suggested you check.