Openwrt compatible tp-link router

I would like to complete my wifi with a new tp-link router. I have the archer c7 version 5.
What is more recent and compatible with openwrt and that we can buy new? Is there wifi 6e with openwrt?
Thanks for your help

Ok I know but if I take the archer C50, on amazon, they are at version 6 for example.

TP-Link ARCHER C50 V6 Routeur WiFi AC 1200 Vitesse sans fil jusqu’à1200 Mbps - Dual-band - 5 ports (Ethernet 4 ports ) - 4 antennes externes - Support contrôle parental : Informatique

That's a different device entirely. I'm unsure what your point is or what you're trying to ask.

C7 V5 means the fifth version of the C7.

C50 V6 means the sixth version of the C50.

If you're contemplating the C50 V6, then TP-Link Archer C50 (EU) V6.0 - 5 GHz interface not present - #34 by idcrisis might be of interest before you spend any money.

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And since the C50 is an 8-64 device, also read

The C7 family is 16-128, so much better in that regard.

I took this model at random. I don't know if it's an old product. But the V6 offered for sale by amazon is not compatible with openwrt.
In the openwrt table, we would have the date of insertion of the hardware, we could find the recent hardware that is likely to be able to migrate to openwrt

I've heard about vague rumors that there might be other vendors on the market as well, perhaps those have better fitting hardware.

I'm reposting my message because no reply told me what to buy. I'm not necessarily interested in TP-Link.
I don't know if it's a comprehension problem, but I'm looking for a 6Ghz wifi terminal (wifi 6E) that works with openwrt and that can be bought easily from resellers.
I'm french.
Thank you

Using the search function yields this and this.