OpenWrt compatible router that can run Squid?

Hello, may I get a recommendation please on a good openwrt compatible router around $100 or whatever it costs -- that I can run Squid on as a transparent proxy?

(Note: only 2 clients at the most will be using this router)
USB port for external storage.
WiFi 802.11ac is good enough.
1 wan ethernet port. 3-4 other ethernet ports.
RAM? Doesn't matter much to me though I know a little more is needed to run Squid.

is squid still useful in a would full of HTTPS ?

Yes, you install a self-generated CA cert to use it. No biggie.

squid is io intensive... so x64 is the natural cantidate for this application

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sounds ok i will have to look more into it :slight_smile:
I would imagine maybe a raspberry pi 4
booting off & using an SSD for squid "lots of ram"
with any openwrt router passing traffic to it
even add blocking at the same time
I like this idea

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Consider keeping the old router for routing and running the proxy on a different host.

Better use TinyProxy or 3Proxy. Squid is too heavy for embedded Linux.

Also in modern web HTTPS is majority. And any proxy didn't works well with it.