OpenWrt Cake (Qosify) Box in front of Pfsense


In order to solve my bufferbloat problems and take advantage of an application QOS, I want to integrate a rasp with OpenWRT between my ADSL modem and my pfSense VM.
Currently, I have a terrible ADSL link (16mb/1mb) and I'm getting nowhere with pfSense's traffic shaping with this small link

While waiting for the fiber which should not be long, I wanted to insert OpenWRT with Qosify in order to regulate the link.

Currently, my modem is in Bridge mode and the pfSense WAN port is in PPPOE.

I don't really know how to add OpenWRT.

I was thinking of integrating it between the modem and pfSense.

But how to configure it so that it just does cake box and that everything else is managed, as currently, via pfSense (I have a home automation server that I expose on the WEB, a VPN server, ..).

The question is especially for the FW part of OpenWRT which will have to let go to pfsense.

I have the idea to mount the WAN link in PPPoe with OpenWRT to configure qosify (I have already used the package and I have already configured and tested what I wanted).
And then create a subnet between the openwrt LAN and the pfsense WAN.

Plan :
ADSL modem -> OpenWRT PPPoe > OpenWRT LAN ( -> Pfsense WAN ( -> pfSense LAN (vlans: 192.168.X.1)

does this seem consistent to you?
How to configure FW in openwrt in this case ?

Thanks for your help !
Happy Holidays

It depends on what kind of isolation you are after, if you only look for per flow isolation your plan should work, but if you want per internal-host IP fairness then the OpenWrt router needs to act as DHCP server for your full network, pfsense coukd still act as firewall, but not as NAT device.

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Thanks for your response.
I've do that and I y only look fort per flow isolation.
It's working and sqm (qosify) do good job with my small adsl link.