OpenWrt build for Orange Pi 5

Hello everybody!
I recently bought the Orange Pi 5 (Rk3588s), with the idea of using a powerful OpenWRT device to control bufferbloat. A version of OpenWRT is available on the Orange PI website, version 22.03.4, but with kernel 5.10.110.

The problem is that the kmods packages needed to install the sqm-scripts and luci-app-sqm package are not compatible with this kernel. I tried to replace the opkg list, download and install the ipk manually, but I can't install it in any way.

I found an orangepi-xunlong project on the github site, which has recent Orange Pi 5 scripts:

Trying to make a clone on my linux to compile a more recent Kernel version to get the SQM packages, I can't find the correct way to configure make to generate a bin file for the Orange Pi 5. I followed several tutorials and videos, but without success.

I would like to know if there is anyone who knows how to build an image for Orange Pi 5 correctly, so that the SQM package can be used with Cake, just what I need at the moment. I know that this device is not the most suitable for having only one Ethernet port, but it is the most cost-effective device I could buy at the moment.

Thank you all, sorry for my bad english and the long text!

The Orange Pi 5 is not supported by the official OpenWrt project.

Because they are using a different (older) version of the kernel, it is not possible to use the package repos from the official OpenWrt builds. And you cannot install the official version (with consistent kernel versions for the pacakage dependencies) because support for this device has not been added to the official project.

You will have to ask the maintainers (i.e the vendor) about support for these packages in their fork. Or, you can compile your own packages using the SDK that they should provide.


Is there any tutorial to compile the packages using the SDK? is there a way to compile the package for kernel 5.10.110?

Here is information about the process for building from the official OpenWrt source code:

Importantly, you won't be cloning/checking out anything from the official repo for the base system -- that comes from the vendor's SDK. Then, you'll download the source for the packags you wish to install -- you can theoretically do that using method described in the "updating feeds" or "creating a local feed" sections of the build system.

YMMV when using the SDK from the vendor. You'll need to ask them for documentation if this doesn't work as expected. That also includes errors and such -- you'll need to work with the vendor and/or the OrangePi user community to resolve those issues.

Hello, I tried to follow these steps, but I can't compile. Is there any tutorial to compile just kmods? Or carry out the compilation by Github-actions.

Then you will need to contact the maker of the SDK as the instructions will work for openwrt

I tried to compile a version with the kmods I need to use sqm-qos, but both for linux and for github actions it is giving an error with exit code 2.

Is there any way to compile only the kmods ipks to install by opkg in an already working build? Or fix what is wrong in this attempt to compile?

I've never done an Openwrt build, so I don't have the knowledge to know exactly what the error is, I just want to use SQM QOS and Wireguard VPN :frowning_face:


I don't the hardware to test this SD firmware for the orange pi 5, if work you can try to build from

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It worked properly! Thank you!

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