OpenWrt Bridge

I asked this question in a different way in another topic query. Here I am going to try again with different wording.

This is a synopsis of the successful scenario I implemented using two DD-WRT firmware routers.

Router 1 DD-WRT) WiFi Access Point 192.168.1 11 wired to ...

Router 2 DD-WRT) WiFi Client Bridge (with local DHCP serving 192.168.1.etc) and is a wireless client on the wan side ( of

Router 3), a WiFi router that is connected to the internet.

The Client Bridge DD-WRT set up on Router 2 is a snap though the DD-WRT web GUI interface. Under the thumb of OpenWrt I cannot for the life of me figure out how to build Router 2 and bridge 192.1.1.etc to

P.S. I would revert to DD-WRT but OpenWrt has screwed me on that too.

There has to be a better way but maybe this can give you some hints

Thanks but the command line stuff is pure gibberish to me. Link saved. The learning curve gets steeper and steeper. Wish I could find a GUI recipe. Thanks though. I may have no other choice than to spend hours and hours learning this lingo. sigh

@dkwalton - this should still apply: