OpenWrt bricks Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (MIR4AC) 100M international version

Ok. In that case, I urgently need to convert my router to Chinese!:grin:

As I can see here the upgrade Path for debricking is the following:

Chinese Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4AC) 100m
2.28 ----> 2.58 or 2.18.28 [2] [3] ---> 2.18.51 [2] ----> 2.18.58 [2]
Revision for China> DVB4222CN

Global version Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4AC) 100m
2.18.215 ----> 3.0.5
Revision for global> DVB4230GL

need global Firmware Versions

Where can I download the following Firmware Versions for my bricked Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (R4AC) 100m international edition. I can't find it on the internet. Only the Chinese Versions.

I need files for the following versions:

Hm, this explains why I had no issues with flashing my Chinese R4AC

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See here:

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Thank you. I am going to try that with this firmware.

Sorry, I will look into this! Thanks for bringing this up, I will try to get this sorted If you have a working copy of the English firmware be great if you could share it with me

hello I have the same device (Mexico) I can't work Open wrt. Can you share the files to do it?