OpenWrt board with eeprom on holder/clip

Hi does anybody know about an openwrt supported board with the eprom not soldered to the board but on a holder/clip o whatsoever kind of plug so that is easy to use different eprom on the same board ?

Well you could buy any router with a soldered empron and swap it with a socket or whatever. Anyway if you want to avoid soldering you could also try things like clips

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ridiculous price. for that money i bought locally an iron with temp. regulation up to 450°C

yep you are right more expensive that the eprom itself !!!!

but thats exactly what I was looking for !!!!

Any idea why (for example gl.inet boards or ather play with it boards) dont come with that stuff

on ? would be a nice feature for a learning platform ?

i guess they are not interested in production of such things, and the one you found is too expensive for such a bad design (plastic movable part, i am wondering how long that could last) on gl.ar150 i could flash it in place just by disconnecting 3.3V pin from board. it might be that it is even enough to scrape pcb off leading to 3.3V pin and bridge it with solder tin after flashing but i've not tried that

Because it adds to production costs, reduces reliability, and adds no marketable value to the device.


okkey so what kind of people have the best chance to be able to desolder my eprom and solder this kind of plug to my board ?

Just watches repair people ? Computer/shop repair people ?

Hot-air rework is the best, but a steady hand and a quality soldering iron designed for SMT work can do it as well. Hot-air rework stations that are half-decent for occasional use start at about US$100. Not all "computer repair" places have the equipment or skills. Watch repair shops are unlikely to have the right materials or equipment.

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Dediprog (manufaturer) sells them in 15 pcs. packages:

I've been using them for ages, version with plastic lock is IMHO better and easier to use than the one with metal lock.

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Which one goes with

Winbond W25Q128FVSG

I mean I know 8 pins but don’t understand the mil spec


It's width of the package (without legs), it's JEDEC standard AFAIK.

Datasheet :

Hi sorry to bother

wikidevi says W25Q128FVSG

but taken picture of board appears as Macronix eeprom or at leat a macronix serial number (logo seems to be KH)

who is in charge of updating wikidevi ? maybe they quote ar150 board version x.y while I have

board version x+z.y+w ?

Macronix is hardware compatible with the Winbond SPI eeprom

kind of expensive for mi 24euros minirouter :wink:

found a couple of days ago, tried to interpret the jargon

but wasnt able to understand how the clip prevent use of on board eeprom and rewires

everything to the off board eprom socket

any very low level description for a electronics dumb ?

soldered in place of the Main Serial flash footprint