OpenWrt as Windows 10 routing

Looking at this picture,

I need to communicate between "PC Laptop" and "Device 1". If using a windows PC with routing enable , I just need to add in PC laptop a route add mask .
How can I do this with openWRT?

On the PC laptop you have gateway the OpenWrt, so the route is not needed.
OpenWrt is directly connected to both networks, so it doesn't need anything.


hmmm. does'nt work. If I set interface WAN/LAN as bridge it wotks, but in this case I joined for LAN2 and A3 that is forbidded. In WAn and LAN on openWRT are not bridged, even if on "PC Lamptop" the gatway is (OpenWRT) there's no way to ping from PC Laptop to Device 1.
What I need is: Device 1 can be reachable from PC Laptop only if PC laptop has default gateway = (OpenWRT). Need to keep LAN e LAN logical isolated

owrt by default acts a router and firewall. with the default config if you connect something to WAN port it will be firewalled, i.e.from your owrt lan clients you can connect to WAN (which by default is assumed to be the public internet) but from wan you cannot connect to lan devices.
so from device1 -> pc laptop should work, but not the other direction.
if you want to access device1 from pc laptop you have couple options:

  1. create a firewall rule to allow traffic from pc laptop.
  2. create an all lan config, meaning owrt network ports would be part of lan network zone. search the forum for how to turn wan port to lan.