OpenWrt as WDS Client to Draytek 2860ac

Hi All,

Does anyone have an OpenWrt-based device working successfully as a WDS client (Bridge) to a Draytek router that suports WDS?

I tried with a Plusnet Hub One running 22.03.5 and although I seemed to get link stats, certainly DHCP requests and ping (with a fixed IP on the PC client) weren't working.

I had limited time on site to investigate, although I did dig up some posts and articles about needed settings, which didn't seem to help.

Before I go back to site and try redoing the setup from scratch, I just wanted to pose the question about Draytek interoperability in case the setup is a non-starter

So, does anyone have Draytek-OpenWrt WDS working or should I go to Plan B with a Vigor AP/repeater?


That would only be possible if the Draytek were running OpenWrt (as in mainline/ nl80211 wireless drivers) as well, but as that can be ruled out, so can be WDS/ 4addr interoperability.