OpenWrt as repeater?


I try to setup openwrt as just repeater. I look at some tutorials but nothing works ...

So What I have at home :
My main router is
I installed a netgear r6700 router on which I can connect devices with wifi (SSID NETGEAR42)
I just want to repeat this wifi ssid on the openwrt which i installed in a xiaomi router 3G.

So for know, I instalmled openwrt all is fonctionning, I can access to the webinterface.

I set a stitc ip address on the xiaomi router :
But Know, I don't understand how to tell him to repeat the NETGEAR42 SSID ...

Can someine take a few minutes to explain ?

Thank you.

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If both devices were running OpenWrt (as they could, if your R6700 is a rev. v2), WDS/ 4addr would be the easiest and most reliable solution. If not, as your chosen ESSID suggests, you'd end up with a routed client setup; technically relayd would be another option, but it's rather buggy (e.g. no IPv6 support at all).