OpenWrt as repeater network with adblock firewall abilities

Hello all. I tried asking about this previously, but I believe I may have been not very clear in this. What I am trying to do is create a new wifi AP that I can use adblock and firewall rules on with OpenWRT however, I would like to keep it on the same network section as the main router. Also the OpenWRT needs to be connected to the internet via a wifi client. Please ask any additional questions if needed. For example, I want all devices to be on the network. However, I want those devices that are connecting to the OpenWRT device to be controlled by the AdBlock and firewall rules that I place on that device. Thanks in advance.

Can your alter the DHCP settings in your main router, or disable it?

If not, then it can't really be done in a single subnet.

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Unfortunately, the main router is a TMHI bucket and mostly nonconfigurable. Isn't it possible to let the TMHI gateway run the DHCP and have the OpenWRT be more of a wifi repeater, with the AdBlock and Firewall rules running?

Same subnet = no firewall.

Unconfigrable DHCP = DNS have to be set manually on all clients.

Can't bridge the ISPs device ?

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If you can change the setting of the main router, you may check if supporting WDS and use it as repeater. The other option is to have 1:1 NAT mapping, but this will limit/disable the L2 connectivity between the subnets. The NAT with the same IPs on both sides may not work well enough. You may need to add more-specific routes and proxy arp or to do some other workaround (pseudo-bridge) if connectivity between the two "same" subnets is required.