OpenWrt as PPPoE client then passing all traffic to pfSense?


Due to a limitation in the kernel, I have to use OpenWRT as a PPPoE client. Once it establishes the connection, Id like it to pass the traffic to another firewall/router, this case pfSense.

No NAT, FW, routing, etc on the OpenWRT. Just pass all traffic to pfSense and let it deal with it.

How can I do it?

If OpenWrt does terminate the pppoe, you'd have to at least do some routing to send the packets to the pfSense. Otherwise you'd have to run pppoe on pfSense.

So I would reroute everything ( to some common intermediate network between the OpenWRT and the pfSense?

Turn off firewall, NAT, etc and done?

Not everything, just the packets destined to the inside lan of the pfSense, eg.
Also you need to do NAT, and firewall is very much needed.
Bottom line is that you need to run all these on the device which terminates the pppoe.

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