OpenWRT as OpenVPN Client


I need help conecting a OpenVPN client to a VPS OpenVPN Server.

My objetive is have internet access using OpenVPN to tunnel all traffic from TPLink Archer A7 with OpenWRT installed, from a intranet.

This is my network schema. and Goal..

INTERNET - Internet on VPS - ISP Wifi - Captive Portal - Ubiquiti Nano M5 - OpenWRT TPLink Archer A7 OpenVPN Client - My PC and Android Cells.

I was make many test and be able to connect to internet using my network schema, but using OpenVPN Client on all devices connected to TPLink Archer Openwrt router,, i wish use only one OpenVPN Client inside the TPLink Archer router.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks .

******* - First Issue solved, thanks all for help. - ****** Thanks @charliev

2th Part Issue - I be behind a Captive Portal. I configured OpenWRT router as Dumb AP at *** First Config *** WAN interface eliminated, LAN static ip pointing to Router Nano M5 giving DHCP, conected to LAN Port, here all Good, any device conected to OpenWRT router, have Captive Portal or internet access, when one device used to Push User/Password. ... i have two accounts, intranet and internet. Using intranet ,cheap price, tunneling to VPS give Internet access.

Issue - Dumb AP Config changed for OpenVPN Config ... no more Captive Portal in any device ... i must change pc LAN ip and put Nano M5 in LAN port on OpenWRT router to see again Captive Portal, then Connect to intranet,,, Real Issue - Change again pc LAN ip and put Nano M5 in WAN port on OpenWRT router. Result .. Internet access.

Question 1 - There is a OpenWRT config , that show Captive Portal like in Dumb AP mode and ABLE use OpenVPN tunneling at Same Time ??? or Question 2 ....

Out off OpenWRT - Network General Subject.

Question 2 - Using 4 port switch, will eliminated , changing Nano M5 from WAN - to - LAN later LAN - to -WAN. ???

Any HELP is Welcome... Thanks...

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Since you control both ends of the VPN, I would suggest using Wireguard instead of OpenVPN. It is simpler to set up and requires less memory and CPU power on the router.


Get an .ovpn profile that works on your server using the OpenVPN connect client on a workstation behind the router, and then use that profile in OpenWRT.

I'm using it several places currently.

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Hello. Thanks all for help. I was use @charliev idea, and it works, now there is only one .ovpn file working in the router, and give internet to all devices conected by LAN and WLAN - Wifi AP i created before. Great until here....

Thanks @mk24 , First i will learn about working in OpenVPN , them change to Wireguard. I tested before, installed in OpenWRT router but not be able to tunneling, my knowledge is at firt steps.

Hello Thanks @faser i was able to install OpenVPN using OpenWRT web documentation. Its easy. Troubles come configuring it, to make all work as we wish. Thanks again.