Openwrt as managed switch

I have a OPNsense box configured with VLANs. And other Openwrt based dumb APs which i also use as switch.
The VLANs are passed to OpenWrt routers and they create Different SSIDs for Guests and Home users. There are other VLANs for servers, workstations, media servers..

Now my questions is can I setup OpenWrt devices as a managed switch taking VLAN and firewall config from OPNsense box. What I currently observe is that the traffic gets routed to my OPNsense box even when my servers are connected directly to one of the OpenWrt switches. Can I keep the traffic local?

I want to do it this was so that when I upgrade my switch to a 2.5/ 10gig switch, my servers and workstations can communicate with 10gig speed. If the traffic gets routed to my OPNsense box, it will not cross 1gig.

This question seems dumb though. Please let me know how can i achieve this.

You can have the vlans terminated to the dumbAP, which will no longer be dumb.
But since you mentioned APs (plural) how are you going to have the same vlan across different access points?
Traffic will hit the router when it is intervlan, if it is intravlan it will go from one port to the other.

I use DSA to tag/untag different switch ports on APs. And have created interfaces for each required VLAN for Wifi.

Also having vlan config again at the APs nulls out the point of having it on OPNsense.

Maybe something is lost in translation here .

A switch does switching and a routes is doing routing.
A manged switch is just a manged switch and is sometimes able to perform not only layer2 but also layer3 operations if configured to do so.

If you have 2 physical interfaces with the same Vlan config, then traffic is switched. But if these 2 interfaces have different vlans then traffic is going via the gateway on the router and then back to the switch...