OpenWrt as config vessel for config export to debian 11

I am not getting very far with the mediatec mt7916 wireless adapter in the latest OpenWrt that runs as a VM. So I'd like to test it in the host first.
I love OpenWrt because it will spare me from a lot of CLI work but under the hood it generates all the config.
What config files do I copy over to the host in order to be able to test the wireless adapter?

Also more in general can I also copy the configuration for firewall, dhcp, dns and what have we over to the host and things automatically start working? Other than changing NIC names and what have we?

The host being Debian? You want to export settings from openwrt to Debian? That cannot be done. They are entirely different systems.

Bummer, I was thinking OpenWrt is linux and Debian is linux.
When I look at the current config in my debian host it looks like the same syntax as what OpenWrt/UCI/Luci generates. Also makes use of iptables and the likes. Almost all is the same but I lack the knowledge to config it myself and need Luci te help out.
Are you sure it is not compatible?

Openwrt is a Linux base, as is Debian. But a Lamborghini is a car as is a Toyota Prius, but they are decidedly different and you wouldn’t expect the parts and tuning parameters to be the same.

i think you guys might well be correct. This similarities I spoke about earlier I all of a sudden do not see any longer. I must have been drunk or worse when I made that assessment.

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