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I have a new openwrt installation and need to bridge to an existing network with internet access.

I have followed the instructions here without success:

I also have tried a number of other configs without success. I'm missing something here. All suggestions appreciated.

we're no mind readers, what doesn't work ?

Can you share a description (or better yet, a diagram) of the specific goal you have in mind? Is this a wired or wireless client? What about the the downstream devices (i.e. those connecting to the OpenWrt device (wired or wireless)? Do your downstream devices need to be on the same effective network as the upstream to share resources back and forth, or is it purely for internet access? Does the upstream network need to be protected from the downstream one? etc.

Hi and thanks for the response.

It's really a relatively simple scenario. The router with openwrt installed is wired to the main router running asus merlin firmware. My computer is wired to the openwrt router. The downstream devices, at the moment, are all on the main router, all of which are on the same subnet. The purpose, at the moment, is to gain internet access from the main router for software installs. No protection necessary between devices.

I can move the hotspot if necessary, but then others on the main network will have their internet down, which is not preferable.

Thanks again Peter for your help,

Then set it up as
Don't forget to provide default gw and DNS, or you won't be able to install packages.
Or configure it as dhcp client, instead of static IP.

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Yes, I have the router setup as a wired dumb AP, as openwrt does not support wireless on this particular router.

I've also set the router up as a DHCP client, which is not being responded to by the main router with an IP.

I've had success with this dumb AP with different routers and the same main router, just not with this particular asus router.

All I need to do is install some LTE modem software. I'll hook up my internet connection directly and do it that way.

Thanks again for trying to help.

As an intent to wrap this up with knowledge, I just discovered the problem. There was a network switch that had been unplugged in the segment where this router was attempting to connect to the main router.

All is well now, go figure.

Thanks again.

Doh!! That will will certainly affect the connectivity. Glad you found it. Experiences like these are good reminders to always troubleshoot the fundamentals first.

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