Openwrt as advanced intermediate gateway server

Hi. My openwrt router wan is a 3g dongle. So, no public internet ip. I want to access it and their network through internet. There are several solutions but all involve an intermediate gateway server (SSH reverse tunnels, VPN,...) .

PROBLEM: all traffic goes through this intermediate server, as consequence, there are not free cloud gateway services without strong limitations. The alternative, to build your own gateway, but there continue to have drawbacks, lantencies, dropouts, ...

It's my understanding that there are several techniques (punching, NAT traversal, ...) in order to achieve that this intermediate gateway only initializes the connection between peers and after that, somehow, peers communicate without intermediates.

My question is, is there any app and procedure to setup an openwrt device (with public internet ip) as an intermediate gateway implementing this techniques?

i believe a more accurate technical term might be a 'reverse tunnel hub' ( or simply a vps-vpnserver or even simpler just a vpnserver )...

you should look into 'zerotier'... sounds like it might fit your use cases well...




The main advantage of Zerotier is to be P2P VPN, so all traffic doesn't go through intermediate vpn hub.

The problem is that every client must install Zerotier app. To avoid that, now I have an intermediate server joined to Zerotier with open ports forwarding through vpn tunnel. So, again, all traffic must go through this intermediate hub, and I depend on it.

Maybe this is a naive question, but Could it be technically possible that a server app like Zerotier or similar would have domain access and port forwarding management to the VPN being P2P? So, you wouldn't need your own server hub?. Maybe installing an app in clients, not to join the vpn, but tricking domain and port addressing in order to avoid full traffic through zerotier servers.

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