OpenWrt as a simple firewall

Trying some first steps w/ OpenWrt as a physical firewall, I have this straightforward setup:

cable router - raspberry OpenWrt - laptop

I am not sure how to configure the OpenWrt interfaces.

eth0 hooked to cable router ?

  • LAN

  • DHCP client <> static address ?

  • Bridge interfaces <> off ?

eth1 (USB/RJ45 adapter) hooked to Laptop ?

  • WAN <> LAN ?

  • DHCP client client <> static address ?

Much appreciate any advice.


Double NAT. But it is the only way if you can not replace cable router with rasp

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You can avoid NAT if you add a static route on the upstream router.


very well written instructions. Thanks! Bridge mode should be on or off?

straightforward on a Fritzbox Cable or tedious?