OpenWRT as a Docker Host Conatiner cannot connect to the internet

I am trying to build a proof of concept in virtualbox for a router that has a docker container with a web server.
I have been able to get OpenWRT installed on Virtualbox with Luci and Docker and have been able to get a ubuntu container installed. But I cannot get the ubuntu container to connect to the internet.
I have done the following:
Installed OpenWRT image [22.03.5] following this tutorial (
My VM only has two nics enabled.
I have also followed this tutorial to add Docker and the container ([]=docker&s[]=host)
I am not able to get the container to connect to the internet.
I have tried to find some information on the web and tried a few things but the container never gets internet connectivity.
I have tried:

  1. manually adding a new bridge network to the docker list
  2. the previous version of openwrt using the same tutorials
  3. updating the firewall so that the docker lan allows all to the wan

So far I have had no luck, when I look for logs in Luci there are none.

I am a newbie when it comes to OpenWRT and Docker so any help would be greatly appreciated.


there is a forum search option at the top menubar. if you enter "docker internet" as search string there will be a few hit on this topic with likely solution.

hint: most probably your firewall zone setting is missing few bits and pieces.

good luck.