OpenWrt archer a7 and deco m9 plus in AP mode - no internet

started with a working network consisting of 3 decos in wifi router mode. I want to switch over to an OpenWRT archer A7 router (which had previously been setup and was properly working) and use the decos in AP mode. I turn off all the decos and connect the archer router to the modem, verify internet access from the archer router - that works. next plug the primary deco into a port on the router and turn the decos back on. Once the decos LED's are all green, I go into the deco mobile app and change operation mode to AP. This causes deco to reboot. That works, and the primary and satellite deco LEDs are now green.

Everything should work, right? But i try to connect devices to the openwrt network, and devices (phone, laptop, etc) do connect, but no internet. connecting to the openwrt router via ethernet from laptop and verified that the laptop has internet access, so something is going on with using the decos in AP mode, but at this point I'm stuck as to next steps.

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