Openwrt and vlan and cisco

I got a few pc, few ip phone, freepbx server, few printers, server connected to a cisco SG500-28P managed level 3. (

The Cisco is connected to a TPLINK ARCHER C7 V2 with openwrt 15-05 connected to a modem-router bridged, to the internet.

Right now my lan is a flat lan. From the lan I can access internet and from the internet I can acces a server on the lan with NAT on the TPLINK.

I want to setup VLAN now on the Cisco.

Where can I find some ressources to understand and do that?
Is it complicated?
Do I just have to setup a tagged vlan on the port of the TPLINK connected to the Cisco?
How can the TPLINK know witch vlan trame is for witch vlan on the cisco?

Many Thanks for your help

My two cents:

  1. Configure de switch to separate the ports ports into different VLANs, according to your needs
  2. Do not tag traffic on those ports, but do tag all the traffic on the port that connects to the router.
  3. Configure the router to add a new interface for each VLAN in the switch, tagging the traffic.