Openwrt and router HUB. Videos

Please tell me if the hub works in the router: I don't understand networks. I set up the router by typing and googling.

This router was fully configured, everything worked. After a thunderstorm, 2 router ports stopped working. Only two computers were connected via cable and that was enough. Since there are 4 ports, two workers are enough. Then I moved one cable to another computer, after which the remaining two ports were covered. WAN port and Wifi are working. Corrected wan6 settings and the fifth port is now working. Other ports do not work: On the router, when the network cable is connected, only the indicators of the fifth and sixth ports light up. The fifth is working, and the sixth receives some kind of ip from the local network of the provider and does not ping. Tried different settings in the switch - only the fifth port works. I may have messed something up, but I can't fix it. Tell me please.

What make & model router and what version of OpenWrt are you using? Also describe your use case-- is this your home/business main router, or some secondary part of the network?

If some of the LAN ports are burned out you should not need to do anything other than move the cables of LAN devices to a working LAN port (by default one of the ports is WAN and all the others are LAN, though OpenWrt can re-map them by changing configuration), and plan to buy a new router since hardware that has been partly damaged already is likely to be unreliable. Consider that the port in the PC or whatever is on the other end of the cable is also likely damaged.

It's a very fuzzy video but much of the stuff in the configuration is far from stock, and also looks like it wouldn't work-- for example the wan network is in the lan firewall zone.