OpenWrt and openvpn with mfa

Hello all, I am new in networking, I have created a site to site vpn in AWS with mfa, I have download the client file, using tunnelblick on my pc, the vpn works fine, I would like to install the same client in my router, so all the devices can connect to aws, without the tunnelblick, I have installed OpenWRT on my router and added luci-app-open, vpn and open-openssl. but I cant make it work, as I am not sure how to add the mfa, I need to add username, password and the code, anyone has an idea or any documentation to read.
I have checked
but I dont get the mfa, thanks

I do not think that is supported by OpenWRT out of the box.

You can add it your self though:


I do not think you need tunnelblick for scramble/obfuscation but if you do see:

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