OpenWrt and MR33


I have here a new MR33.
Is it possible to install OpenWrt on the MR33?

I have already found the documentation, but it is a new MR33.

Thnxs tmomas.
But is it supported by the new bootloader?

Guys, any news regarding new method with U-Boot 2017.07-RELEASE-g78ed34f31579 (Sep 29 2017 - 07:43:44 -0700) ?

I believe the new firmware on the Meraki MR33 devices protect against the method used in older firmware's for flashing OpenWRT onto the devices and it seems like as of right now (I could be wrong) that the only way to flash these devices as of the 2017.07 release is to physically un-solder the NAND flash chip and flash the firmware directly to it.


I have got 2 Meraki MR33 with the latest firmware and i´am able to flash via programmer the nand.
But wich bin I should use?