OpenWrt and Asus RT-AC1200g+ Is it possible and how to install?

Hey everyone !

I bought a Asus RT-AC1200g+ two years ago, and I still struggle to make the QoS work properly. So I was thinking to upgrade to OpenWrt to try the performance differences.

I saw on the archives of the forum that a dev was working on this router 4 years ago and on this page (if I understand correctly, it says that my router is some kidn of clone of the RT-AC57U. So I had hope that OpenWrt would work.

I tried installing it after manually clearing the vram of my router, and the file seem to have upload correctly, I mean the bar was moving and it said that was done.

But when I tried to access Luci I got redirected to asus which says that I need to clear my vram and reinstall from their website or something like that.

I tried the process again, manually clearing my vram and reinstalling OpenWrt but nothing changed.

To be honest I followed this video cause I'm a little bit lost, I don't know if this is a good video though. It seems but what do I know.

Thank you for your time !

The linked pages mentions RT-AC1200GU, not RT-AC1200GP (or G+).

GU and GP are completely different animals: (BCM47189) (MT7621AT)

This means that the image for the RT-AC57U will never ever work on the GP.

Thank you for the clarification. Wherever I search on the internet I can't find anything about an alternative firmware for this router...

Wouldn't I be better, at this point, to just buy another one ? One that is supported by OpenWrt for example ?
Maybe I'm blind or don't know how to search for this things on google, but more than 4 hours of research today, for nothing x)

Thanks again for your help !

IMHO: Yes.

Some inspiration:

For hardware recommendations please open a new topic in the Hardware Questions and Recommendations category of this forum.
Please see before asking the forum.
This way you will get better recommendations and come to a quicker solution.

Thank you for your time sir, I'll be doing this !

Since asus provide source code (some kind at least) for it, wouldn't be possible?

There is virtually no chance that either of its WLAN cards will ever be supported, if you accept that as a fact, the rest could be supported (but I doubt anyone will share your enthusiasm for this device and port OpenWrt to it for you, so it would be up to you to do the development work).

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