OpenWrt Act As Antenna For Master Router

I have Tp-link C7 v5, and 4 cpe210v3, I want the 4 cpe210v3 act as antenna for C7v5? can I do that,
I mean everything processed is processed by C7v5, cpe201v3 just act as antenna to more covering area,

Am I must mesh it? but mesh the process handle by every node? am i right?
or any other solution?

Please advice me,

What do you mean by this?

Each device has radio equipment, and it's own antenna. Do you mean you want the main router to be the DHCP server?

Will they be wired back to the C7 or will you need some sort of wireless link into the access points?

If wired, that is a conventional installation of "dumb APs". This can even be done with stock firmware.

nope, I just want to covering a large area, with cpe210v3 act as antenna, with the brain is in C7v5,
what i mean brain is, I develop a platform that want need large covering area, so I think I can add cpe210v3, act as antenna for C7v5,
I hope you understand, sory for my bad english, lol, :pray:

what do you mean is, cpe210v3 connect with wired to C7v5? and cpe210v3 act as access point to share the internet from C7v5?

but? isn't likely, the cpe210v3 just act as antenna,

What does this mean???

Are saying that - you're trying to make four cpe210v3 devices work as if they are PHYSICALLY one TP-Link C7 Access Point???

yep, can it done?

or I just have to detach the cpe210v3 antenna, and attach it to C7v5, but I think can the power from C7v5 pcb support the requirement for cpe210v3 directional antenna?


I honestly think you don't understand the nature of wireless networking. as you cannot simply remove an antenna from one device and add it to another to provide more "service," "strength," or "coverage."

There are two possibilities, one might be that the language barrier has confused us, the other is that you are confused how radios work.

  1. You might want your CPE210v3 to receive using its radio and antennas and re-transmit somehow (either wire or wireless) to your C7v5 so it can process the packets. This forum might be able to help you with this issue.
  2. You might want somehow to use fancy antennas on the CPE equipment by connecting them somehow directly to the C7v5's radios. In which case, you're asking for advanced knowledge of radio electronics not just some networking knowledge, you really need someone who is either an amateur radio operator or an electrical engineer specializing in radio frequency engineering. This forum can't really do that level of engineering remotely.

that's right, so I ask here, can cpe210v3 act as antenna for C7v5, because i think the power for antenna c7v5 and cpe210v3 is different, encode and decode signal, etc,

so can I integrate cpe210v3 act passsive for the C7v5, I think the closest are dump ap and mesh, but if like that, the brain for my development platform is in each device, and when I running the app that I develop, in cpe210v3, it's self rebooting, but in C7v3 it's fine, that's why I ask here, can cpe210v3 act as antenna for c7v1,

sory for my bad english, :pray:

point 1 is totally what I mean,

point 2, it can, I have a friend that understand it, but it need longtime for research etc, and more cost actually,

so I prefer the point 1, please advice me, how to do it @dlakelan

Do you want to wire-connect the CPE to the C7, or you want to retransmit via wireless between the C7 and the CPE?

anything it's fine, what's the easier?
can 2 method run simulatously, I mean, if wired is problem, backup plan is wireless, but if it can't, I prefer Wired Method, because all device are close together,

Wired is much easier.

It seems you want CPE to act as wireless access point. Isn't this its normal role? Place CPE device into desired location. plug cable into device, then plug other end of cable into LAN on c7. Configure all the CPE devices to have the same wireless SSID and security. Problem solved?

If problem is not solved by this, please describe more details about what problem isn't solved by my suggestion.

if it's like that, can I command the 4 antenna from c7? like I want command the 4 antenna to monitor all wireless device that around it?

example like using airmon-ng simulatously in 4 cpe210v3,

Yes you can do that. Note that the airmon script to open a monitor interface doesn't work on OpenWrt, and is unnecessary since UCI supports creating monitor interfaces directly in /etc/config/wirelesss. Also the "remote" feature of aircrack is broken in the version shipped with OpenWrt, though you can run airodump-ng directly on the router and observe the results via ssh.

@mk24, thanks for your answer it's help me a lot...
can you give me a doc / link / etc how to config as monitoring interface in /etc/config/wireless, I appreciate it....