Openwrt 23 rc3

what changes are made to openwrt 23 rc3 from rc2?
why rc3 changelog page is not available on openwrt forrum?

because it's not officially released ....


but in openwrt firmware selector page there is openwrt 23. rc3 available :confused:

as long as it's not announced in, you're on your own.


:face_with_head_bandage::scream::face_with_head_bandage::scream: i get confused. should i go back to stable 22.03.5 series or continue using 23.rc3? is there any security vulnerability? :confused:

why would there be a vulnerability ?

hmm i mean as they did not officially released it, there may be some bug/ problems with 23.rc3... :confused: i dont know i am a Newbie using openwrt.

a new release is often (always ?) available earlier than the announcement, it's normal.


oh okay i see, thank you

It's available in the selector as soon as the first images are built, but the option in the selector won't work until the official announcement is done. It's the same way for each release!

Works ok on linksys ea3500, but you shouldn't use it yet, just like they say. you get the port indicators back, like we used to have years ago. Cheers!

The Selector's that aspect irks me a bit. The button should be greyed out or something until it can create a build but they don't have the implementation for this. This could be a feature request.

You can help!

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It is assumed that one shouldn't try to build until the official announcement is done. Furthermore it's just a matter of days between the option appeared and the announcement.

Sadly I don't know any programming languages. My main thing is CSS when it comes to developing software. Once I sent a PR to the Firmware Selector so that was fun. And a good learning experience in regards to commit comments.

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Sure, but it can take up to a few days as you say and clicking the build button again and again while also having to paste my custom package list each time can be a bit annoying. I wish I could do more but alas.

That's where Attended Sysupgrade in LuCI (and auc on CLI) are the heroes. They detect all your installed packages and invoke the firmware builder to replicate what you've got installed, thus avoiding all the cut'n'paste associated with its direct manual use.

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Why not?
Your private builds are just your own.

And there have already been further fixes in 23.05 after rc3 tag...

See log in;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/openwrt-23.05

In practice, it is usually best to build from the current head of the release branch (like 23.05) than from the "old" static/fixed release tag.

There is nothing really special in the fixed release tags. They are just made when devs feel that it should be ok for the next rc build.


I meant using the firmware selector. It's the topic.

I'm always building my own images ... even before the announcement :wink:

Im waiting too, saw also RC3 in OpenWRT Firmware Selector, but tried to build my own selection of packages, and its still failing, to build, so, we need more patience... Ill wait, till they make the official anouncement , then, also Building own package selection, should work :slightly_smiling_face: