OpenWrt 23.05.3 - Service Release

I used the GUI, there was an option for 23.05.3.

I recovered my system with a custom image built using Firmware Selector, all is good so far. When I have time, I will look into the reason why the upgrade bricked all my devices.

I also noticed my NIC order (eth0, eth1, etc.) was changed in this upgrade. I cannot tell if this is an upstream issue, an OpenWRT issue, or something else. My NIC order has been consistent before this upgrade.

Same issue on my Asus RT-AX53U that had mesh11sd installed. After the update wifi and ethernet was broken.

I was able to fix the machine by first resetting the machine and then sshing into it right after boot up and running service mesh11sd stop before mesh11sd was able to start and screw up the router config. Took me a couple of tries...

There should be a big warning in the release notes for mesh11sd users. This is the first update that broke a machine of mine in over a decade of running openwrt.


I seem to be getting an error while compiling a custom image for my Netgear Wax206. Below is what I assume is the relevant log any help would be appreciated.

If you need the .config I can provide that as well, this same configuration would compile just fine on v23.05.2

The build environment is on Fedora 39 Server Edition.

make[3]: Entering directory '/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/feeds/packages/libs/libpfring'
rm -f /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/.built
touch /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/.built_check
make -C "/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/linux-5.15.150" KERNEL_DIR="/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/linux-5.15.150" ARCH="arm64" CROSS_COMPILE="aarch64-openwrt-linux-musl-" M="/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel" EXTRA_CFLAGS=" -I/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel" modules
  CC [M]  /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.o
/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.c: In function 'ring_bind':
/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.c:5608:19: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'char[]'
 5608 |   char name[sizeof(sa->sa_data)+1];
      |                   ^
/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.c:5620:35: error: invalid application of 'sizeof' to incomplete type 'char[]'
 5620 |   memcpy(name, sa->sa_data, sizeof(sa->sa_data));
      |                                   ^
/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.c:5608:8: error: unused variable 'name' [-Werror=unused-variable]
 5608 |   char name[sizeof(sa->sa_data)+1];
      |        ^~~~
/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.c:5628:1: error: control reaches end of non-void function [-Werror=return-type]
 5628 | }
      | ^
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
make[5]: *** [scripts/ /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel/pf_ring.o] Error 1
make[4]: *** [Makefile:1908: /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/kernel] Error 2
make[3]: *** [Makefile:92: /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-mediatek_mt7622/PF_RING-8.0.0/.built] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/feeds/packages/libs/libpfring'
time: package/feeds/packages/libpfring/compile#1.48#0.79#2.35
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/libpfring failed to build.
make[2]: *** [package/Makefile:129: package/feeds/packages/libpfring/compile] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt'
make[1]: *** [package/Makefile:123: /home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/staging_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/stamp/.package_compile] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt'
make: *** [/home/user/dev/NETGEAR/openwrt/include/ world] Error 2
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this is the issue:


Qnap 301W, Xiaomi AX9000, AX3600 (batman, minidlna, 802.11s) no problems found.

Thank you kind sir, This has fixed my problem.

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Package names change between releases (and the -i18n--en packages have been dropped, as they were pointless, -en is the default anyways), that's neither a bug in the release nor in asu - 'just' something that needs some manual attention.


hi all

i'm not understanding the situation here - i have the 23.05.3 release installed and attendedsysupgrade is telling me a 'new' release is available, 23.05.2

Upgraded Wrt1900AC v1 from 23.05.02 to 23.05.03 using sysupgrade and no issues at all. 5ghz still giving the same throughput of around 425mbps and my 500 mbps pppoe wan is working just like before. thanks!

Looks like @aparcar has nudged the ASU server (thanks, Paul!).

auc is working now as of about a half hour ago (for my x86 box, at least).

TP-Link Archer C7 v4 updated with auc after 35 days uptime, no issues.
Belkin RT3200 UBI updated with auc after 42 days uptime, no issues.


Yep, confirmed, I was able to update x86-64, RE500v1 and Archer A7 v5 successfully using auc.

Successful upgrade from 23.05.2 to 23.05.3 on WRT1900ACSv2

Sharing another update for an Archer C7, in this case a v5. No issues with Wifi or adblock and done in under 5 minutes.

Upgraded my Netgear WNDR3700v4 from 23.05.2 to 23.05.3, running flawlessly for the last few days. Thanks for all the work on this release!

Many thanks devs. Upgraded Linksys WRT3200 with no problems

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Successfully upgraded Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X from 23.05.2 to 23.05.3

Much appreciation for all of the contributing devs, in addition to the community helping to maintain high quality releases -- thank you!


I've installed 23.05.3 on my GL-MT6000 and after running opkg update there are a few packages updates available:

Package name Version Size (.ipk) Description
luci-base git-24.073.29889-cd7e519 » git-24.086.45142-09d5a38 ~123.59 KiB LuCI core runtime
luci-mod-status git-24.064.82650-3cbf270 » git-24.087.58493-9370bdd ~38.79 KiB LuCI Status Pages
luci-proto-ipv6 git-23.355.78874-80140aa » git-24.086.45108-51aee90 ~3.61 KiB Support for DHCPv6/6in4/6to4/6rd/DS-Lite/IPIP6
luci-theme-bootstrap git-24.072.69878-ca51167 » git-24.086.46634-1ffe078 ~16.54 KiB Bootstrap Theme (default)

I wonder if I should upgrade those packages or is there no need?

WRT3200 running for a couple of days and upgraded again using Attended Sysupgrade. No problems. Thanks to all.

I did using Attended Sysupgrade no problem. Don't do it in Luci Software.

It was a fresh install (installed via the OEM build) without keeping settings. That's why I'm asking if I should upgrade those packages.
I'll also upgrade my WRT3200ACM (from scratch) soon but at the moment I just want to make sure that GL-MT6000 is running smooth with 23.05.3.