OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3: difficulties with 5 GHz network

Hello! I have bought ASUS TUF-AX4200 and have the following problem with 5G network: my iPhone X works unstable with 5GHz frequency. The speed doesn’t go above 100-150 Mbps, although my channel is 1 Gbps. However, if I reboot my phone, the speed on Speedtest immediately becomes around 500-600 Mbps. After some time, this situation repeats. I also have a second phone - Samsung Galaxy A54 that doesn’t see the 5Ghz network at all. The firmware version of my OpenWrt is 23.05.0-rc3.

did you configure a country for the wifi ?
selected auto channel by any chance ?

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I didn't change channels, everything is on auto

You'll need to set your correct country.

after that what needs to be done? choose a channel?

Try the drivers without 'ct':
opkg update
opkg install kmod-ath10k ath10k-firmware-YOURFIRMWARE
The '-ct' drivers installed by default fails very often with 5 GHz

i live same problems with different devices..

My BPI-R3 has been working great on OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3.

Maybe it's a dump question but what's the difference then? (with and without -ct)

  • With "-ct" is the default, a semi-official third party (Candelatech) ath10k driver done with access to the closed-source firmware blob details, while
  • without is the mainline ath10k directly from Linux kernel repository.

Some years ago (in 2017 or so), the mainline ath10k was in weak condition, while Ben Greear from Candelatech was better maintaining the -ct driver and fixing bugs. So, OpenWrt switched to using the -ct driver

Recently also the mainline driver has got fixes ( ), so currently both drivers might be potential alternatives. (the Candelatech driver development has been rather quiet in the recentmost years: )

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