OpenWrt 23.05.0 - First stable release

Thank you for all the hard work putting out this new stable release. You people are amazing what you accomplish within this project! :smiley:

I tried to upgrade via attended sysupgrade on x86 hardware platform. I get the following message:

No upgrade available
The device runs the latest firmware version 22.03.5 - r20134-5f15225c1e

I believe I've had this happen before with other minor updates to 22.03. I will wait until tomorrow and try again.

I'm wondering if it is possible for announcements of new stable, and old stable versions to wait until the servers for sysupgrade have been updated so this does not occur. Or perhaps there is another way to deal with this?

Thank you.

exactly patrakov can help surely

This means that you have to remove the unavailable packages from the list. It is normal that the package list will not match exactly between releases.

Let's use this example (you need to turn on the Advanced mode to see the list of packages requested):

Let's say that the upgrade complains about bind-dig not being available. You click the red :x: near it, as well as near any other unwanted packages, and retry.

However, this will still leave you with the version of wpad linked against wolfssl - i.e. not the current recommendation of using mbedtls. You can either fix this manually, or just remove the bad wpad and add the good one to the package list.


Could you please check that the country code is set to CH on both radios? Does the reboot fix the mismatch?

Sorry, I don't have my R7800 anymore.

Is it safe to download 23.05 or the packages are still building? I need to download it for EAP615wall.

Still building apparently.
EA8300 has no build yet.

The packages are built, not the ipq40xx generic releases.

As it seems the solution is to switch to openssl, if you have enough storage space.

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Just updated, maintaining configuration and for some reason, it doesn't appear that WiFi is available. Is anyone else running into this? I actually have 3 of the same device (1 is configured as router, others just as access points, but same behavior)

It is written previously that the build failed.


NanoPi R4S 4 GB works like charm after upgrading from 22.03.5 - i only had to install kmod-usb3 aditionally to get my USB-Stick working ...


After flashing Extreme Networks WS-AP3825i AP, wireless does not come up. A quick look seems to be a breaking change w/ v23.05.0 and some issue with the new hostapd mbedtls and keeping configs as wlan1, wlan0 are gone and there is now phy1-ap0, phy1-ap1. SSID shows disabled. I couldn't leave it down to investigate more so I had to flash back to 22.03.5

EDIT: This is indeed the case. Delete the old devices and reboot. The new devices will populate and wifi will be up. I also had to reassign the LED's to the correct devices for them to work as well. You'll have to do that if you changed it from the default.

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A new build sucess

but it does not appear in the repository

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That is unfortunately just the nightly 23.05 snapshot build. I don’t know if @hauke realizes some builds failed.


Stuck at this using attended sysupgrade, maybe i'll update it some other time

Thank you @Naftali. Your report confirms my finding as the wireless radios report as running with the US standard instead of CH as you set them.

This looks like a defect as I reported here: WiFi country issue (OpenWRT 23.05)

Installed on my WRT32X added lots of typical packages, sqm, irqbalance, adblock-fast, samba4, usb3, advanced-reboot, attendedsysupgrade, etc. Everything running perfect so far.

Btw, you list the GL-MT6000 as supproted, think it's only in main snapshots, device isn't even out yet.

Congrats on the big release and thanks devs! :slight_smile:


Generic is missing from (root) / releases / 23.05.0 / targets / ipq40xx / so I cannot update my GL-B1300. It was there for the RC releases.

This has been reported several times in this thread :blush:

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It appears that both ipq40xx/generic and bmips/bcm6362 failed to build before release.