OpenWrt 23.05.0 - First stable release

So, here's my experience upgrading my Archer C7 from 22.03.5, through an "Attended Sysupgrade", as of a couple of hours ago:

  1. "blind" attempt resulted in failure generating an image, specifically due to a conflict between "libustream" from "wolfssl" and "mbedtls";
  2. I was aware that this was most likely due to a change introduced in this major, but my (incorrect) expectation was that would be handled seamlessly; (I considered it could be due to the fact that I had VPN installed on this box, recently, and this resulted in leftover packages, but I was able to confirm this was not the case)
  3. After reading around, saw a couple of reports stating I should simply replace my "wolfssl" packages with their "mbedtls" equivalents using the command-line, through a recent Reddit post that led me to this thread with special care to download the replacing packages first, uninstall offending packages and then install the previously downloaded packages;
  4. ... but since I was not able to find "wpad-basic-mbedtls" using opkg, I abandoned this route;
  5. Instead, I stuck to "Attended Sysupgrade" and tested first manually inserting the new packages on the upgrade package list, while removing the conflicting ones;
  6. Ended up having trouble downloading "wpad-basic-mbedtls" anyway, so, armed with the knowledge that these might be default packages that are replaced as dependencies (thanks goes to @efahl for explaining here), I simply removed them without adding replacements; (this is probably a mistake, as you'll see further down)
    NOTE: In my case, "wolfssl" were default packages. Future readers should take care to understand if their package set included explicit "wolfssl" installs, or risk breaking functionality.
  7. At this point, I also found out that, since I had "adblock" installed, "luci-i18n-adblock-en" was also blocking the new image, but was meant to be removed altogether (again, thanks go to @efahl for confirming this on his own AUC upgrade attempt); I ended up removing this package too
  8. Upgrade took a while, and ended up coming back up with only ethernet; I read some posts in this regard, hinting at fixing them by installing offending packages;
  9. Since I had removed the aforementioned packages (specifically "*-wolfssl"), I tried connecting via ethernet to SSH/LUCI, and eventually found a port that allowed this, and surely enough "wpad-basic-mbedtls" was missing, so I went about installing it (was now found) and rebooting my router;
  10. Wifi came back up, albeit after more time than I was expecting (probably just anxious to sort this out, finally).

Not sure what failed here:

  1. Maybe my package list is overpopulated by default, and I should've trimmed it;
  2. But then, I did trim out "wpad-basic-wolfpad", but in the process couldn't get "wpad-basic-mbedtls" to replace it
  3. There's a chance that in some of these attempts, I forgot to select "23.05.0" (leaving my default 22.03.5) as the version to upgrade to (hence the failure to find "wpad-basic-mbedtls" in some of these attempts)

@efahl : from what I read, AUC should've automatically replaced "wolfssl" packages and even removed the "adblock" translation one; isn't AUC used by "Attended Sysupgrade" and consequently should've prevented this from happening?

All things considered, great release. I only ended up stumbling across these issues since I pressed on despite multiple error signs.