Openwrt 22.XX and python3-docutils does not compile

hi wondering why python3-docutils does not compile in openwrt 22.xx

always the same error
The "distutils" standard module, which is required for the
installation of Docutils, could not be found.

even then though it seams to exist and is found in the python build directory

python3-distutils is a host side build dependency for OpenWrt.

thank you for the reply not having issue with python3-distutils build having trouble building python3-docutils every time i try to build a package that relies on python3-docutils i fail at the same point . I have all those build dependencies installed. when I go through openwrt prebuild package f.. for python3-docutils none have python3-docutils built and an are missing for openwrt but exists in older openwrt build 21, 19 etc