OpenWrt 22 with iptables. possible?


I had an old x86 router working with Opernwrt version 21.

Now I have a new x86 router with 6 ports Intel i-225v. The drivers igc doesn't work on kernel 5.4 (openwrt 21). I've installed 22.03.0 and ethernet bridge works well, but now I have other problem.

I have paid TV at home. Live TV is multicast and works well with igmproxy, but VOD (rtsp) and timeshift (rtsp too) don't work. I suppose it's related with the change to firewall4 and nftables. Before this version, it was working with iptables and kmod-ipt-nathelper-rtsp package. So i'm thinking.. is possible compile or install iptables and fw3 in 22.03.0 to have working igc drivers an kmod-ipt-nathelper-rtsp package? Or... does anybody know other alternative?


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Sure, it is possible. I'm using iptables on a 22.03 myself.

And how have you done it? I've changed the defaults in include/

        dnsmasq \
        firewall \
        iptables \
        ip6tables \
        kmod-ipt-offload \
        odhcp6c \
        odhcpd-ipv6only \
        ppp \

Compiled and flashed. The router seems to be working but if i list iptables rules it shows empty tables...


I used image builder to do it. First, you remove the nftables packages and then add back the iptables packages; see below:

-firewall4 firewall -nftables iptables-legacy ip6tables-legacy -kmod-nft-offload kmod-ipt-offload

I’m using iptables on 22.03 too (actually snapshot). If you are building yourself, I could provide you my config.buildinfo.

Or my working custom image for x86 if you want…

Yes please... If you can share with me... thanks!

Here you can download both (Image and version.buildinfo):

This is a Snapshot Version from the 08.09.2022.

If you want a newer Version: I’m compiling a new image in this moment. Should be ready in approx. 30 min. I will put it on my cloud once it’s finished…

Thanks. I'm going to download and flash it

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The images works fine, but no luck with VOD and rtsp on-demand tv.

Comparing conntrack output beetween version 21 and 22 I can see a difference:

Version 21:

root@router:~# conntrack -L -p tcp –dport 554
tcp 6 7411 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=43935 dport=554 packets=42 bytes=10795 src= dst= sport=554 dport=43935 packets=25 bytes=4556 [ASSURED] mark=0 helper=rtsp use=2
conntrack v1.4.6 (conntrack-tools): 1 flow entries have been shown.

Version 22:

root@OpenWrt:~# conntrack -L -p tcp –dport 554
tcp 6 7438 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=40881 dport=554 packets=8 bytes=1650 src= dst= sport=554 dport=40881 packets=8 bytes=1277 [ASSURED] mark=0 helper=rtsp use=1
tcp 6 8 CLOSE src= dst= sport=43167 dport=554 packets=13 bytes=2259 src= dst= sport=554 dport=43167 packets=9 bytes=1384 [ASSURED] mark=0 helper=rtsp use=1
conntrack v1.4.6 (conntrack-tools): 2 flow entries have been shown.

The helper seems to be loaded but, why on version 22 I have two flows (one closed) with diferents IP?? It's extrange