OpenWrt 22: replacement for knockd

... because why?

Because it would mean additional installations and changes to the involved machines, and that is someone else's decision.

I already stumbled upon the next problem: the missing package "wol", that is not available in version 22 any more. There's a package "wakeonlan", which provides this command, but even though the new router has more memory, that package can't be installed. because its far too big to install because of its dependencies.

The smaller package "etherwake" does not work, it does not wake up the server.

Long story short: the whole department now needs to think of a completely different way how to realise their wishes, and how much money they want to spend. Until that decision is made, the old installation will continue to run.

I use that package to wake-up many servers. What error or issue do you get?

There's also the following that I found