OpenWrt 22.03 Will support SQM/Qosify And there will be luci interface for it?

Hello, as per title, would like to know if there will be support for SQM, or Qosify, in a graphical manner just like now, or anyway if there will be support at all.
I can copy my settings from my sqm file, if there will be lack of a luci GUI, but i heard there won't be support, at the start at least.
Can anyone explain which QoS options in 22.03 will be available at stable release?

What is in the -rc1 right now (which still roughly corresponds to master/ snapshots), stands a good chance of staying in for the final release (unless there are very good reasons for a removal). What isn't ready now, probably won't make it. Whatever would still need to be developed from scratch is very unlikely to be added.

It is possible that qosify will gain a LuCI ui throught the RC series or with one of the maintenance releases, but right now nobody is working on it.

I hope someone does, since whit FW4, if we can't use SQM anymore, we should move to qosify, since seems the best candidate to take it's place, right?

sqm does work with fw4 (it needs the legacy wrapper for nftables, but it works just fine).

there is anything to be done, or i have to compile something?

No, luci-app-sqm(?) is available to be 8ns5alled by opkg.