OpenWrt 22.03: disable NAT for specific IP addresses

Hi all,

I decided to bite to bullet and upgrade my Linksys EA8300 to OpenWRT 22.03 from 21.02 this morning. I'm having some issues with a couple of Strongswan IPSec vpn's.

From my home network, say I want to send traffic to which is behind a IPSec vpn. When I now send a ping to, for example, from, I see the traffic is going out the WAN interface and is being NAT-ted. This is not what I want to happen.

In release 21.02 I had this configuration in /etc/firewall.user:

iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s -d -j ACCEPT

The result was traffic from the LAN to the other side of the VPN was now no longer being NAT-ted, but send through the VPN.

I understand /etc/firewall.user is no longer used and also iptables has been upgraded to nftables. Can someone tell me how I can translate above iptables command to an /etc/firewall redirect(?) rule?

Thank you and best regards,

Use negation.


Thank you for your reply. These settings indeed did the trick!


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