OpenWrt 22.03.6 sixth service release

Which 22.03 branch commits after 22.03.6 do you need? Please have a look:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/openwrt-22.03

If you urgently need the 22.03 commits after 22.03.6 you could download the current 22.03-Snapshot builds that include these commits now, no need to wait for the next release:

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Through trial and error on my Raspberry Pi4, the 22.03.6 operates well and throws no errors to the log. I'd welcome any bugfixes and updates and a final 22.03.7 release. 23.05.3 operates fine with the identical setups - but floods the logs with errors I can't track down to fix and all the solutions suggested on the forum have not worked so I just went back to using 22.03.6 which seems more reliable on my Raspberry Pi 4.


It was planned for April 2024, although there may be something holding it up at present.

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