OpenWrt 22.03.5 HH5A Hidden Network Following My 2GHz Networks

I have two HH5As daisy chained to extend my Wi-Fi coverage and I've noticed a hidden Wi-Fi network following my 2GHz radios. Does fast roaming or anything else create a hidden network on the same channel? I've noticed it hugging my dumb AP and when I disabled the 2GHz radio it followed my Main AP 2G radio. CH6 is my main AP, CH11my dumb AP and my networks are the Plusnet ones.

Have you tried turning off all your 2.4 GHz wireless devices to see if it identifies the culprit?

Vaguely recall NOW TV and/or Roku devices may cause this behaviour.

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It was the Ring Chime creating a hidden network for no reason at all. I do not use the Ring Chime wifi extender feature.

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