OpenWrt 22.03.3 third service release

I must have v1, as I don't have the "V2" in the model number like shown here:

I don't know how I could tell if I have a v1.1 or not.

I'll also say that in my original comment I was wrong about my WRT1200AC not acting like a hub, it was. I downgraded to 21.02 and I'm still seeing hub-like behaviour, but it's staying within the VLANs. I haven't taken the time to figure it out yet.

Same way as with the v2. It would say "v1.1" after the model number.

So are you saying that it's very slow to interact with (Luci/SSH/SCP), but bridging connections (other devices) is just fine?

Hi may I know if those bugfixes also includes fixes in wifi instability?

Mikrotik 760igs still bootlooping with sysupgrade image.

The problem as related here: MikroTik Hex S (RB760iGS) - Installation via sysupgrade - no connection


83 days uptime and still going strong, amazing work from the OpenWrt team!


What’s your secret? I have an Archer C6 v3 (almost identical hw to your C6U) and I struggle to get more than 48 hours uptime before seeing a crash and an endless boot loop!

the more extra packages u install, the less stable it will be.
Try using default installation and see what happens.

I have zero additional packages, just a vanilla install with:

  • PPPoE on WAN
  • LAN to a gigabit switch
  • 2.4+5GHz using WPA2/3 mixed mode

Well, I have a similar MT7621 based router Redmi2100, and here is the result on 22.03.3
Not as good as him but I am still satisfied.
Use scenario is a typical family gateway, pppoe on WAN, 3 wired clients, 10+ wireless clients, P2P download/upload with peek to 6k+ concurrent connections:

So maybe it is your hardware's issue?

It could be a hardware issue, but it certainly affects a large number of Archer C6 v3 users...

22.03.4 release date??

Your ISPs devices can be messing it up. I've had issues with my Archer C50 V4 before.

Information provided in your threads inquiring about when/where the next Kernel update will come (i.e. in the next service release) .

Now it is now under building.
i think in next month, Kernel change happen.


Yea, I heard:

The devel list had a messaged posted named "next OpenWrt 22.03 and 21.02 minor release".


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Why 22.03.4, we Are in 2023, not supposed to be 23.?

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Since this information is explained fairly clearly on the Wiki, I'm not sure it's necessary to expound here.

In any case, says Service Release, not New [Stable] Release.


I like the historical record of the early release names:


22.03.4 has been released.